Initiation & Intense Sadhana

As per the Divine order, Amma went to Tiruvannamalai to get brahmopadesa from a great saint called Isakki Swamigal.

Isakki Mahaan meditated in Durvacha Muni temple situated in the mountain path many decades ago. Afterwards, he was meditating in Niruthi lingam temple for some time. He also meditated many years in Gautama ashram opposite to Trimurti darshan (three mountain peaks). Then, he moved to many places such as Nandi mandapam, Varuna mandapam, Kasipa kuttai (directly under the mountain base), Vasista mandapam etc and meditated there. Sometime during the year 1966, he meditated in Mayilaadum Paarai and near Saptha kanni sunai, Ezhu sunai etc. Finally he settled down in Pancha Mukam and meditated there for many years.

Isakki Swamigal did Giri Pradakshina three times daily. He also did Anga pradakshina of the mountain for about five years continuously. He made thousands and thousands of people to do Giri pradakshina and experience the miracles.

Amma and Ayya gathered more details about Isakki Swamigal through a person called Thiruvengadam Mudaliar. They both met Isakki Swamigal and prostrated at his feet. The couple told about the physical ailments of Amma and prayed Swamigal to help.

He was looking at Amma for some time and said, “Amma, your sufferings are due to black magic done by others and also your own karma. Black magic can be removed but not the karma. It is better to burn out the karma.

Would you like to take upadesa? Only path of dhyana (meditation) will help. Not only will it remove your sufferings, but will help you to cross the ocean of the cycle of samsara (birth and death). You are destined to come to this path of dhyana yoga.

When Isakki Swamigal told Amma to take upadesa, Ayya asked Amma if she had to take upadesa. Was it not possible to get away with it? Ayya was bit concerned because the path of dhyana yoga is intense. But Amma said that she wanted to take upadesa. Isakki Swamigal was looking at the couple curiously for their reaction and asked them to come on Shiva Ratri day to get the upadesa. Relatives and friends were asking if a householder can take upadesa. The answer given to them was that Isakki Swamigal was also a householder. Anybody can come to spiritual path. After the upadesa, the couple went for pilgrimages again and then came back to Tiruvannamalai.

Amma was meditating about one mandala (48 days) in Pancha Mukam. Everyday Amma did Giri pradakshina and sat for meditation in Pancha Mukam at 5 PM. There were many hurdles while doing the meditation. Sometimes heavy rains poured for an hour but Amma was never distracted. She was seeing many secrets of the mountain during the meditation such as music sung by Kinnaras, Gandharvas and other celestial beings, herbal trees with very big leaves, other subtle beings’ movements inside the mountain etc. Ayya was always staying besides her during the meditation in the evening and brought her home everyday for about 48 days. Amma was observing upavasa (abstinence from eating) during these days.

On the 48th day, Ayya had some kind of fear in his mind about snakes. When Amma was meditating, suddenly different kinds of sounds started coming. Those sounds were going around above their heads. When Ayya looked up, he saw many small snakes of size about 5-10 cms in different colors flying up in the air. He had never seen a snake flying in his life. He was bit afraid and worried. Amma also saw this during meditation in her vision but was not distracted. She continued her meditation and after sometime Amma and Ayya passed this test also and these small snakes disappeared.

During these 48 days, many secrets were shown to Amma such as pathways going from the mountain to many different sacred places, varieties of sounds played by celestial beings, fragrances of different herbs taking away the karmic sufferings, listening to Omkara sound, three categories of celestial beings (Devas/Rishis/Saints, great souls, other souls) worshipping Lord Annamalaiyar every day etc

Amma saw one yogiswar during her meditation who was holding the tail of a tiger and walking. He was wearing only a loin cloth. She also saw Lord Annamalaiyar who is always meditating on Himself as Sri Arunachala Yogiswar.

In Arunachaleswar temple, worships are daily done to Sri Arunachala Yogiswar. His carved image is available behind Annamalaiyar Sannidhi. One can see this while going around the Sannidhi. The same carved image is also available inside the entrance of Pei Gopuram (Ghost tower) where Saint Arunagirinathar samadhi is.

Through the third eye in meditation, Amma saw a big aura of light in different colors in which many saints such as Mahavira, Buddha, Guru Govind Singh, Jesus Christ, Prophet Muhammad, 18 Siddhas etc. She realized one God in different forms in different religions. Amma also saw the entire mountain becoming a big Jyoti (a Light column). Ayya who was sitting beside her could also feel the warmth of that Light. After this, another hurdle came in the form of Brahma Rakshas. It came to lure Amma by offering different kinds of wealth, power etc but Amma overcame that also.

Amma went through a long journey in the sadhana. Many secrets were revealed to her. Many hurdles were overcome. Many of the past karma were burnt. She became healthy and lean.

After 48 days of intense tapas over, Amma and Ayya went to pilgrimages again along with their daughters. Before Amma got upadesa from Isakki Swamigal, she already had many siddhis (occult powers). Like she talked to other human beings, she was able to converse with deities and saints in every temple and samadhis she went.