Homa & Annadhaanam


In the ashram, homas are performed daily without interruption.  Ganapathi homa, Ayushya homa are performed with Mrityunjaya Japam on behalf of devotees. It will be felt that the smoke rising from the Homa creates a cool and pleasant situation. 

It is better if the donor be present at the time of performing homa. Desired homa will be performed for the donors and their gothra (family lineage based on Rishis), star, rasi  (zodiac signs based on vedic astrology) and Name of the donor will be spelt during homa. Names of family members and their star should be given in separate sheet. All people can participate in the Purnahuthi.

The holy water from the homa will be used for abhishekam of the Mahaan’s adhishtanam. Later it will be distributed.

The homa which are good for the human only are performed here.

The number of priest performing the homa will be increased as per desire of the donor.

Mahaan said that the smoke of homa performed in the ashram will reach heaven and act as bridge. There are numerous benefits of doing homa in the ashram such as removal of obstacles, illnesses,  removal of anxiety disorders, depression, phobias. It also helps in improving health, extending longevity, obtaining the grace of Mahaan and Sri Arunachaleswarar and overall promoting peace of mind.

Please contact the ashram office for the current charges for performing homas and abhishekams. The details such as the date in which homa/abhishekam to be performed, birthday star, gothra, rasi of family members should be informed in advance. Those who cannot be present during homa, will receive their prasad by post.


In Sanskrit, anna dhaanam means offering food freely to others.  Mahaan Sri Seshadri Swamigal said that anna dhaanam done in the ashram eliminates vices and brings virtues.

Mahaan Sri Seshadri Swamigal once told Annai Sri Uma Deviyar to start anna dhaanam in the ashram. When the plan was announced, many people opposed that it will make people lazy. But the plan was a big success. It is because of Mahaan’s teaching that rishis and Gods will come in the form of sadhus.

When anna dhaanam was started, three rupees was received as donation for feeding one sadhu. Anna dhaanam was first started on 23 January 1984, the holy birthday of ‘Mahaan Sri Seshadri Swamigal’.

The non-extinguishable holy fire for preparation of free food was first ignited by the blessed Annai Sri Uma Deviyar. It is the speciality of this Free Food Offerings. It is the first Ashram which provided proper seating and offered free food.

Seating the sadhus and performing Maheswara puja (treating them as Lord Shiva himself) was first started  only in this ashram. The speciality of the building that was dedicated for free food offering (anna   dhaanam) is that this place encompasses the holy tomb of Mahaan Sri Bhadrachalam Swamigal.

As assured by Mahaan, it was felt that many saints descended here along with other sadhus. It was also felt that Mahaan Sri Seshadri Swamigal has also participated several times in the anna dhaanam and had it. It is true that the place of anna dhaanam is a place of unity where everyone is treated equally.

Anyone can participate in the anna dhaanam scheme by paying merely Rs.100/-

One may choose any day they like such as birthday, wedding anniversary, etc. and pay money in advance.

Rs.100/- is not enough for feeding many sadhus. This scheme is executed by the donation of several persons. Though anna dhaanam is done along with other donors, benefits and blessings will be equal to all.

Along with cooked rice, side dishes are also provided. For special annadhaanam Rs.500/- or Rs.1000/- to be paid and additional food varieties will be provided; the member of sadhu will also be increased.

Separate payment for anna dhaanam on Birthday, Wedding day and in the name of every persons of a family can be made separately.