Poojyasri Ayya

Poojyasri Ayya was born on 15 June 1930 to Sri A. Ramu Mudaliar and Smt. Vrittambal Ammal in Tiruvannamalai. His parents gave him the name Muthukumaraswamy. Ayya is hailing from the lineage of Tirupugazh famous Sri. Arunagiri nathar. Ayya was very much inclined towards spirituality and services from his childhood. 


Annai Umadeviyar’s parents didn’t have any children for a long time. They were going to pilgrimages. Once they went to Nagore dargah along with Ayya who was about 12 years old at that time. A saint named Bheer mahaan was playing on the beach by throwing many lemons on the sea and they were coming back. This was continuing for some time. Bheer mahaan looked at the couple and gave a lemon to them and blessed. He also looked at the boy (Ayya) with a smile who was standing near the couple and blessed him.


In those days, it was very rare for people to study at University and get a degree. Ayya excelled in his studies and completed B.Sc. B.L and became an advocate.


Ayya married Amma on Sept 09, 1964, with blessings from saints and Annamalaiyar. By the grace of Lord Tirupati and Goddess Abhirami, two girls namely Alarmel Mangai and Abhirama Sundari were born respectively.


After the marriage, Ayya became bedridden due to severe jaundice. Doctors gave up. Like Satyavan Savithiri, Amma did intense prayers and saved Ayya from that life-threatening disease. Unlike other newly married couples, Ayya and Amma started going on pilgrimages along with newborn babies. In many holy places, Amma used to tell about divine truths. Ayya realized the divinity expressed through Amma.


Many of us had heard about the stories of Karaikkal Ammaiyar and Bhakth Meera. Karaikal Ammaiyar’s real name was Punithavathy. She was married to a merchant named Paramadattan. When he realized that divinity expressed through his wife, he left her and married another woman. Similarly, after realizing Meera Bhai’s deep devotion to Lord Krishna, her husband and family were giving more trouble to her. But, Ayya after realizing Amma’s divinity, he became like a disciple and was helpful throughout her life. Because of this Ayya’s maturity from a young age, he was called as Gnana Thanthai.


Ayya was working in Chennai High Court as a popular advocate. He gave up his career and moved to his home town Tiruvannamalai to spend the rest of his life in spiritual services. By the grace of Mahaan Sri Seshadri Swamigal through Amma, he had achieved many toll tasks such as renovation of Sri Durgai Amman temple, one crore archana in the Annamalaiyar temple, development of Sri Seshadri Swamigal Ashram, etc., He got an opportunity to serve as District Judge but instead, he spent his time to build a big chariot for Lord Subramanya temple. He has also helped in the renovation of Adhi Thiruvarangam temple. All credit goes to him for compiling all the lectures, discourses and conversation of Mahaan Sri Seshadri Swamigal through Amma and published them as many books and journal articles.


Ayya is a born leader who had led the following organizations and held various high positions:

  • Sri Arunachaleswarar Temple Endowment Trust Committee President
  • Sri Durgai Amman Temple Renovation Committee President
  • Tiruvannamalai Advocate Union’s first President
  • Lord Subramanya Temple Chariot Project Committee Head
  • Adhi Thiruvarangam Renovation Committee Member
  • Village Uplift Federation Head
  • City Girl High School Parent Teacher Association Head
  • Arima Sangham Head
  • Victoria Hindu High School Administrative Committee Head
  • Arunagirinathar Festival Committee Head
  • Arunagirinathar Mani Mandapam Festival Committee Head
  • Thirumurai Committee Head
  • Sri Seshadri Ashram Trust President & Secretary
  • and many more


Ayya is a leading role model for householders who lived an ascetic life living in the family. He is a karma yogi who spent his entire life for the welfare of others. He is the incomparable head in the Sesha family (all devotees of Mahaan and Amma are considered as Sesha family).