At the age of five, on an auspicious day, his parents had initiated his education according to the formal process. Sri Kaamakoti Sastrigal wrote the Saarasvatha Mahaabija Mantra on his tongue with a Darbha grass. He also initiated him into the Panchaksharam and Ashtaksharam.

As he was the blessed child of Goddess Kamakshi, Goddess Sarasvati showered Her grace as well. As a result, Seshadri mastered Sanskrit, learnt the epics and plays in that language with ease. He showed keen interest in studies. Whatever he learnt remained deep in his memory and he also had a thirst for Tamil. He learnt Kamba Ramayana, Thirukkural, Nannool, Naidatham also. He learnt Carnatic music from his mother.

Sri Kaamakoti Sastrigal performed the upanayanam (thread ceremony) for Seshadri when he was seven years old. He imbued in the young lad, the importance and necessity of performing Sandhyavandhanam and the significance and greatness of Gayatri Mantra. He enrolled him in the Vedapatashala and formally inducted him into the study of Vedas.

After mastering the arts of Tharka Shastras and Vyakarana, Sastrigal advised Seshadri to come and learn the secret of the self and knowledge of secrets of mantras from him. According to the instructions of his grandfather, Seshadri immersed himself in the Veda Shastras and emerged enlightened with wisdom. Five years passed.

When Seshadhri was twelve, his father had passed away. Little boy was in extreme grief and his life suddenly seemed empty.

When Seshadri was just 14 years, his grandfather Sri Kaamakoti Sastrigal taught him the Upanishads, Brahmasutras and Bhagavadgita. He initiated him into the secrets of mantras that were unique to his lineage. He taught him the Vedanta Shastras and transferred all his knowledge to the shining scion. A new Jyothi (light) emanated from the present Jyothi.