Family Life

By the grace of Lord Annamalaiyar, Amma and Ayya got married on September 09, 1964. Everyone in the family, friends and relatives were very happy on that occasion. When the life was going well, suddenly Ayya became seriously ill. A doctor named Narayanan was called to check him at home and he confirmed that Ayya got the final stage jaundice. Everyone in the family was extremely worried and started praying for his well being. Amma was praying intensely like Sathyavan Savithri in the Purana. When the doctor Narayanan visited next time for the follow-up, he couldn’t believe his eyes. He could not see any symptom of jaundice. He was utter confused because he had never seen this kind of a medical case in his entire career. After this incident, Ayya and Amma started going pilgrimages. Every weekends, they visited different temples.

Once for a change, they went to Marina Beech in Chennai. That time, an airplane was flying above the sea. Amma told Ayya that Yama (Lord of Death) was traveling in that plane. Ayya didn’t quite understand first but he heard from the news very next day that the plane crashed and submerged in the ocean.

On a different occasion, the couple went to beach again. Amma heard the divine music from Gandarvas and had a vision of many saints. She got one japa mala from the saint Kanyakumari Amma. After this, she got the vision of Goddess Devi. The couple went to Kanyakumari and visited the temple and Swami Vivekananda rock. After coming back, Amma pointed different rock to Ayya where Swami Vivekananda actually meditated.

The couple continued their pilgrimage to Rameswaram. There, one guide was explaining about different types of water sources (about 21 of them) and their greatness. Amma was giving more geological details about those water sources. Ayya was astonished on hearing the minute geological details. She showed and explained about Papanasam theertham and Agastya temple.

Once, Amma got a dream in which the Goddess of Mangadu temple was calling her to visit the place. In those days, Mangadu temple was not that famous. There were not proper roads. It was full of bushes. Ayya was asking people and found out the navigation to the temple. Amma and the Goddess were in conversation that others couldn’t understand. Later, Amma explained to everyone that this temple would soon become famous. After some time, Mangadu became very famous and people started going there.

The couple visited Thiruchendur Murugan temple, Thanikai Murugan temple, Tirupati Lord Balaji temple, Thirukadaiyoor Sri Abhirami temple etc. The young couple were making pilgrimages just after their marriage. By the grace of Lord Balaji, Amma delivered a girl baby in 1965 at Reyne Hospital, Chennai. They named her as Alamelu Mangai (name of the Goddess of Lord Balaji temple). By the grace of Goddess Abhirami, Amma delivered second baby girl in Reyne Hospital Chennai in 1966. They named her as Abhirama Sundari.

When the life was going peacefully, Amma’s mother passed away suddenly in 1966. The entire family burden came to Amma because she was the eldest in the family. She had two younger sisters namely Ushadevi and Lokanayaki and three younger brothers namely Duraivelu, Shankar and Nagarajan. All of them were studying in school at various grades. Amma was taking care of them along with her new born babies Alamelu Mangai and Abhirama Sundari. Taking care of seven children at the age of 24 was not an easy task. She was bringing them up with love and discipline. In spite of her hectic schedule, Amma always found time to do her spiritual sadhana.

Due to relatives’ insistence, the couple visited Thiruchendur again to make prarthana (prayers) for getting a male child. When the couple was coming around the temple, they found an unattended Shivalinga. Amma told Ayya that the devas and other subtle beings were offering Pooja and Abhishekam to that Shivalinga. When they prayed to Lord Muruga, He appeared in her vision and told that He will do everything for them as a son and hence there was no need to worry of not having a male child.