Benefits of Giri Pradakshina

When one does Giri pradakshina, there are various benefits on different days. They are given below:

Sunday – Will attain the lotus feet of Lord Shiva after their death

Monday – Will get the capability to rule the world

Tuesday – Poverty will be removed. Debt will be gone. Will get freedom from the cycle of birth and death

Wednesday – Will excel in arts, music etc

Thursday – Will attain the status of Gnanis, yogis

Friday – Will attain the lotus feet of Lord Vishnu after death

Saturday – Will get the effect of worshipping all the Navagrahas (nine planets)

Childless couples should do Giri pradakshina for 48 days in the early morning after taking bath. They will get the child.

Earth is rotating itself in it’s own axis and coming around the Sun. The same way, Annamalaiyar (Arunachala Hill) is also rotating itself and coming around the Sun.

Utsav Moorthi of Annamalaiyar Himself is doing Giri pradakshina on the second day of Karthika Deepam and Thiruvoodal festival every year. This shows the greatness of Giri pradakshina.

Every sacred place has it’s own benefits. For example, when one visits Thirukadaiyoor, their life span gets extended. Mostly people celebrate their 60th birthday in Thirukadaiyoor. When one visits Thirunallaaru, one will get relieved from the bad effects of Shani (Saturn). When one visits Vaitheeswaran temple, relief will come from long term illnesses. Similarly, when one does Giri pradakshina in Tiruvannamalai, the past karma will get burnt. One will be able to bring down the number of future birthday based on the repertoire of past karma by constantly doing Giri pradakshina.

Smaranath Arunachale: This means that one will get moksha (liberation) ultimately by just thinking about the Lord Arunachala even if they can’t visit Karthika Deepam or do Giri pradakshina.

Scriptures give more details about the great benefits of Giri pradakshina. Though it may look like it is over exaggerating, it is only to make the devotees understand the greatness of going around the hill. It finally concludes that worst sinner can get rid of their sins by doing Giri pradakshina five times on the Karthika Deepam day itself. They should start the first pradakshina at 3 am during Bharani Deepam. Second pradakshina at 7 am. Third at 11 am and fourth pradakshina at the time of Karthika Deepam around 6 pm and final fifth one at 11 pm. This is not an easy task doing five pradakshina on the same day but the annihilation of bad karma is assured.

Nobody had openly told these secrets about the benefits of Giri pradakshina. Only Mahaan Sri Seshadhri Swamigal through Annai Sri Umadeviyar had told this secrets for the benefit of mankind. Who had not done the karma? Who is not searching for punya? Hence everyone should do Giri pradakshina by realising the greatness.