Annai Umadeviyar and Swamigal

We have heard some people are born with talents such as music, sports etc., These do not happen accidentally to some people. It was based on their efforts in the previous births, they are born with talents. Similarly, great saints are born again to help people in the Kali Yuga. Those saints are born with siddhis (occult powers) from the very birth itself. Amma is one such great avatar.

Great saints and avatars such as Bhagavan Ramana Manarishi, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa, Lord Rama etc also went through sufferings in their life to show the humankind that it is all part of maya and life has both ups and downs. Amma also went through many physical sufferings. Amma overcame all those through intense sadhana and prayers.

Amma is a great self realized master. Like Lord Rama, an incarnation of Vishnu, lived as a normal human being and showed the world how to live in a dharmic (righteous way), Amma who is an embodiment of Goddess Parashakthi lived also as a normal human being and showed the world that one can attain self-realization even with householder responsibilities.

Many great saints wanted to operate through Amma as a medium and communicate to the humankind. But, Lord Annamalaiyar Himself Amma for Mahaan Sri Seshadri Swamigal to do Sookshma Pravesam.

There are many similarities between Mahaan and Amma. Mahaan did a miracle at the age of four by helping a street vendor to sell many Krishna idols and hence he was called Thanga Kai Seshadri (Golden Hand Seshadri) whereas Amma used to give viboothi prasad to people in her childhood and cured many diseases. Both Mahaan and Amma started doing pooja at a very young age during their childhood. Mahaan drew Pancha Mukam of the mountain at home. Amma saw all the Mahaans like a movie on her pooja room wall. Mahaan was born in Kanchipuram and came to Tiruvannamalai. Amma was born in Chennai and came to Tiruvannamalai.

Through Amma, Mahaan helped many people to get rid of their karma, diseases, obstacles, curses etc., Amma used to give the following sesha mantra Om Sadguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Tiruvadikke along with a sesha number to her devotees and helped them.

As a divine mother, Amma always prayed for her devotees children for their well being. Amma never took the credit that she was doing the prayers for them. She always said that Swami (Mahaan) is doing everything. Sometime in October 2002, she indicated indirectly to one of her long time devotee called Balaji that she was none other than Swamigal and Lord Annamalaiyar. Balaji told Amma that he had restlessness for which she replied the following: “It is normal for a human being to get restless. It is maya. We should conquer it. When the mind is not controlled, it can even lead to commit suicide. Whenever you feel restless, see my photo or Mahaan’s photo or Annamalaiyar photo.

Kadappai Sri Satchidananda Swamigal gave her the title Neruppil Kanindha Kani. This means a fruit ripened in the test of fire. Mahaan Sri Seshadri Swamigal gave her the title Iga Para Sowbhagyavathi. This means that one who had attained greatness in the material as well as the spiritual world. Devotees called Amma as Gnana Thai which means the mother of wisdom. Devas called her as Brahma Rishi.